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other music

Hmm now what can I put here? Oh yeah. This is I suppose a strange mix, but that's what I like.

Groups I like:

You may have gathered so far that I like the Divine Comedy, but it's no a one-saeded game of footbaw, iy ya get me.
Garbage - I think I'm paranoid is a fav. as is Stupid Girl (but pretty old now) Have a look at version 2 pretty good
Fatboy Slim - The famous one (Rock. Skank) and the rest on the album (We've come a long way baby) is pretty good
The Manics - I have to say their last album was pretty good, esp. If you tolerate... and You stole the sun from....
Ah, Savage Garden - Yes those guys are good too, esp. to the moon & back. Some of the rest of their stuff is a little weak though.
U2 - In all fairness, they've got to be in there somewhere. After Sweetest Thing and their long, long, long list of hits, I have to say that I like em
REM - Up is a pretty good album, and I love Daysleeper. Not so sure about the lead guy (whatever his name is)

This page is such a waste of space. Go to some of the ones that serve a purpose wontcha?

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